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The Peachy Dot

Extended License

Extended License

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EXTENDED Commercial License - Fabric Shops, Sublimation, Wholesale, Selling On Demand.

No matter what amount you sell you must purchase this license for each design if you are a fabric shop, wholesale, Selling on demand or sublimation or any transfers.

You must purchase this Commercial License along with your order to use The Peachy Dot files commercially in your shop.

You must purchase this license for every design file you purchase.
So this means if you purchase 2 seamless files on one order, and intend to make these files into an physical item in which you will sell for profit, you will need to purchase 2 of these commercial licenses.

You must purchase this listing in the correct quantity before posting any listing in your shop or on social media.

By purchasing this you are in agreeance to this and this purchase is a receipt of the extended commercial license.


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